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Orthopaedic Surgery ACP Fellowship

The Carilion Clinic Orthopaedic Department offers a post-graduate Advanced Clinical Practitioner Fellowship in Orthopaedic Surgery for Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) that have a RNFA certificate. This intensive program will build upon the strength of our highly successful PA and NP orthopaedic practice already in place, combined with the largest and most effective orthopaedic surgery group in southwest Virginia. The fellowship will be a complement to the Orthopaedic residents currently training at Carilion Clinic. NP and PA fellows will benefit from didactic and clinical experiences that mirror orthopaedic residency training.

Graduates of this one-year fellowship program will possess substantial skills, knowledge, and competencies required in the field of orthopaedics as the PA and NP professions continue to be ranked among the fastest growing career opportunities.

Fellows accepted into the program will be full-time employees of Carilion Clinic and eligible for full medical, dental, and disability benefits. They will also retain GME benefits of other fellows such as BCLS/ACLS/PALS certifications, subsidized healthcare, lab coats, moving expenses, Blackberries, etc.

To educate and train highly motivated NPs and PAs in the challenging and diverse knowledge base and procedural skills required for excellence in clinical practice in orthopaedic surgery.
To prepare NPs and PAs for a career in orthopaedics as competent, highly functional members in healthcare.
To provide NPs and PAs with further education, specialized clinical and professional experience that distinguishes them from non-specialty trained NPs and PAs.
To retain extremely focused and well trained NPs and PAs as strong clinicians and employees of Carilion Clinic who are interested in academics and higher learning.
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