Postgraduate PA Residency and Fellowship Programs 2017

Postgraduate education for physician assistants (PAs) first developed in the early 1970’s. Over the past four decades the PA postgraduate training movement has slowly expanded, and in 2017 there are 70 programs listed on the Association of Postgraduate PA Programs programs (APPAP) website. All of these post graduate training programs, also referred to as residencies […]

Top 20 Cheapest PA Schools in the US

Looking to save money on PA school? These are the twenty cheapest physician assistant programs in the United States. Top 20 Least Expensive PA Schools in 2017 1. Miami-Dade College Florida $25,000 $45,000 27 2. Rush University Illinois $26,000 $26,000 33 3. University of Texas – SW School of Health Professions Texas $29,570 $70,116 30 4. University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City […]

Top 20 Most Expensive PA Schools in the United States

Top 20 Most Expensive PA Schools in 2017 Of 244 Physician Assistant Programs in the United States these are the top 20 most expensive PA Programs 20. Sacred Heart University Connecticut $107,040 $107,040 27 19. D’youville College New York $107,550 $107,550 54 18. Union College Nebraska $108,160 $108,160 33 17. University of the Pacific California $108,770 $108,770 27 16. Seton […]

Eleven New PA programs Awarded Provisional Accreditation by the ARC-PA

During the ARC-PA’s recent meeting, eleven new PA programs were awarded provisional accreditation by the Commission. This brings the total number of accredited entry-level programs to 210. The number of new programs predicted to open their doors by July 2018 currently stands at 36. California Baptist University located in Riverside, California Program Director: Allan M. […]

How Does PA Salary Vary by Skill Area or Specialization?

September 2014 median incomes from showed that some specialties would pay you at a higher level of compensation than others. At the lower end, physician assistants who worked in pediatrics earned $78,664. Those in emergency medicine earned $89,936 and those in dermatology made $84,822. Higher salary specialties included critical care at $90,322 and surgery […]